tirsdag 8. juli 2014

Norway: TV2 still in discussions about 2014 participation

The Actual logo of TV2 Norway
Oslo, Norway and Bergen, Norway - TV2, one of the Norwegian broadcasters and part of the EBU, are still in discussions about the Return in 2014 and the rumour says that they will confirm Norway's Return to the Junior Eurovision (but we don't know for sure). If TV2 confirm that they will participate, they will discuss their national final process (Either hosting Melodi Grand Prix Junior (Which NRK is still broadcasting), Idol Junior (which is the revised version of the adult version) or just having a internal final).
This was last time Norway participated, in 2005!

Do you hope TV2 says yes to Junior Eurovision Participation?

søndag 6. juli 2014

Spain: Yes, we head to Malta too!

Spain will Return!
Madrid, Spain - As an announcement in the morning today was that Spain will Return after a 9 years absence. Their selection will be held in October (My Birthmonth). In the beginning, Spain said no to Junior Eurovision, but now they did 'change their mind about it'.
Spain was one of the original countries who took part in 2003 With Sergio and his beautiful ballad called "Desde el Cielo", which meant in English "From Heaven". Spain won the year after with "Antes Muerta Que Sencilla" by Maria Isabel, meant in English "Better Dead Than Plain".

Spain took part since 2003, but withdrew in 2007 when saying "Junior Eurovision includes stereotypes we don't share"

Here is their History in JESC:
2003: Sergio - Desde el Cielo (From Heaven) [02 Place, 175 Points]
2004: Maria Isabel - Antes Muerta Que Sencilla (Better Dead Than Plain) [01 Place, 221 Points]
2005: Antonio Jose - Te Traigo Flores (I Bring You Flowers) [02 Place, 196 Points]
2006: Dani Fernandez - Te Doy Mi Voz (I Give You My Voice) [04 Place, 141 Points]
Did Not Take Part Between 2007 and 2013
2014: TBA - TBA

torsdag 26. juni 2014

Russia: Dayana Kirillova is once again heading for Junior Eurovision!

Moscow, Russia - Just today, Russia have decided that Dayana Kirillova will be the first Junior Eurovision Representative to have represented one country two times in a row! Last time we saw her was during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013, then representing Russia with the song "Mechtay" (Dream on). This year, she will represent Russia one more time to 'avoid to end in 4th place', this time with the song "Poslye Dozhdya" (After the rain).


Dayana is 12 years old and is from Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.
Her first appearance on stage was at the age of four and she has been taking vocal classes in the music studio ever since. During the first three years of education at the music school Dayana learned to play flute and a couple of years ago she also started choreography and modern dance at the studio ‘Todes’ in Kazan. Now she is attending sixth grade at school and favourite subjects are biology and school sports. For several years Dayana has been singing in the girl band ‘Barbie Cocktail.’ She participated in various children's musical festivals and competitions including the ‘Children's New Wave’ (2012) and the well known ‘Slavic Bazaar’ in Vitebsk (2013), winning several awards.
Dayana has competed twice in the Russian National Final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, placing second in 2012. in 2013 she won the first place with her song ‘Dream on,’ written by Taras Demchuk, Margarita Doroshevich and Dayana Kirillova herself. The song ended in a 4th place, making Russia still the country with the most 4th Places in the whole Junior Eurovision history (2011, 2012, 2013).

Here's Dayana when she performed for the first time in the Russian National Final:

Here's Dayana when she performed for the first time in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest:

Here's Dayana's song For this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest:

lørdag 21. juni 2014

Moldova: Denis Midone wants to represent Moldova in the Malta Shipbuilding

Chisinau, Moldova - The former representative of Moldova in 2012, Denis Midone, wants to represent Moldova again this year. This Moldovan boy with Israeli roots had sung for Moldova in Junior Eurovision 2012 (in Amsterdam, The Netherlands)  with the song "Toate vor fi" (all will be fine). After that his dad posted an video of his son Denis singing his latest song "Spune mi ce va fi" or what it will eventually be called during the Junior Eurovision 2014, "Chemistry", he said that 'Denis have to represent Moldova again to make us proud!'.

About Denis Midone

Denis Midone (11) will represent Moldova at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Denis Midone was born in Petah Tikva, Israel the 14th of June 2002 and currently lives in Chisinau, Moldova, where he studies in Romanian and Spanish at the Cervantes School.
Since 2009 he is a member of the vocal ensemble "Do-Re-Michy" at the Children and Youth Creativity Centre"Giochel". Some of his impressive song contest participations include a 3rd place at the 2010 Sanremo Junior in Italy and victories at the International Art Festival Jezerski Perle 2010 or the 2012 Slavic Bazaar Vitebsk.
Denis represented Moldova last time back in the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam and ended up in 10th Place with 52 Points, which is the bad position for Moldova.

Here was Denis Midone when he performed in Amsterdam:

Here's Denis Midone's song for the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest:

Will you let Denis Midone deserve to be in Malta?

søndag 8. juni 2014

Sweden: Julia Kedhammar is not alone for Sweden!

Julia Kedhammar to Represent Sweden in Malta
Stockholm, Sweden - 3 days ago, The Lilla Melodifestivalen 2014 took place in the Amusement Park
called Gröna Lund as well with Kim Ohlson as presenter. There was 7 artists and 1 group making it totally 8 entries, but only 1 could win, and that was Julia Kedhammar from Skogås outside Stockholm with the song "Du är inte ensam" (You're not alone) who took the trophy home and will represent Sweden on the mediterranean island group of Malta.
  1. “Du är inte ensam” - Julia Kedhammar (14)
  2. “Här är vi nu” - Skyscraper (group)
  3. “Stilla” - Vilman Larsson (12)
  4. “När hoppet tar slut” - Kevin Körber (13)
  5. “Jag trodde på oss” - Felxi Laurent (12)
  6. “Oslagbara” - Ella Rammelt (11)
  7. “Rebell” - Tove Burman (15)
  8. “Jag saknar dig så” - Paulina Pancenkov (14)
Listen to the Swedish Entry if you didnt do so!

Lets Move to Sunny Malta!

Valetta, Malta - After Malta won the 2013 edition in Ukraine, Malta have the rights to host Next years contest. The Selected city is Marsa outside Valetta, and the selected arena is the Malta Shipbuilding.

Malta has been in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since the beginning with an 2 years absence from the contest in the period 2011-12. They returned in 2013 and won it!

fredag 4. oktober 2013

BELARUS: What's Another Year Here!

Minsk, Belarus - Belarus is Next to Select their Entrant for Kiev! Tonight on 21:00 CET Belarus will Select their Entrant Here!

Hosts: Alyona Lanskaya & Dimitry Koldun (Yuri Vashuk)

  1. Ruslan Aslanov - "Stars are Calling" (11 years)
  2. Angelina Pipper - "We Dance Jazz" (13 years)
  3. Ksenia Tereshonok - "Under the Sail of a Dream" (12 years)    
  4. Danaya Sharshavitskaya - "A Simple Tune" (11 years)     
  5. Igor Muravkin - "The Sun Shines For Everyone!" (12 years)    
  6. Yuliya Mozhilovskaya - "Dreams" (11 years)     
  7. Vladlen Ivanov - "White Clouds" (12 years)     
  8. Ilya Volkov - "Sing with Me" (11 years)     
  9. Nadezhda Misyakova - "Business Girl" (13 years)
  10. Anna Zaitseva - "We Remember" (11 years)